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2nd Floor Co. creates

digital experiences

that build and grow brands

Website design and content consulting, mobile applications, photography, social media campaigns, brand development, search traffic and analytics.

Website Design + Applications


How do you want people to perceive your organization?

Match your online presence with the reputation you’ve built and the high mark that people speak of your organization. This is where your next biggest, loyal customer could potentially first meet you and make their decision to contact you. Make it count!

What do you want people to do?

Make a call? Fill out a form? Buy a product? Don’t let your website just sit there – we bet it could be carrying more weight for your organization. If you contact us, we’ll give you our two cents for free.

E-Newsletters & Social Marketing


Social Media

There is a good way, and a not-so-good way to use social media for your business. It is like making connections at a real social event – you can be approachable and engaging, or you can be noisy and annoying. Don’t be “that person”.



Laser-focused and timely communications – to the best of the best of your market!



Downtown neighborhoods are often critical to a community’s culture and economic development success. 2nd Floor Co. has unique experience in executing the communication and branding pieces that give revitalizing neighborhoods and economic voice and stronger sense of community. We have also developed web and mobile applications that can drive workforce development, and simplify ways to connect entrepreneurs, local government, investors, property owners and the public with all facets of opportunity and culture.


In all successful downtown revitalizations, there are visionaries who can cut through the feasibility studies and make it happen. Then, there are those communities who are paralyzed by gathering data and heeding to the status quo. We work with the former. We help to tighten up community branding and produce online campaigns that get others fired up and behind those trouble makers visionaries.

Digital Strategy

Community messaging campaigns, property showcase tools, job creation portals, incentives, community by-in: we have some interesting things to show you. We can also connect you with successful, turnaround towns who’ve “been there, done …”  well, you know.

What's new?

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