2nd Floor Co.

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Our Story

Our name comes from our experience in producing websites and marketing strategies to help connect upper floor spaces of renovated downtown buildings with small businesses, investors and job opportunities that transformed neighborhoods.

From then on, we decided to take on projects that allowed us to dig in as a partner, helping businesses, communities, and nonprofits nail their branding, messaging and online channels to bring results they can celebrate.

Tim Latsbaugh

Tim Latsbaugh

Founder/Strategy Director

Tim handles a variety of roles for 2nd Floor, including business development, strategy consulting, brand direction, content generation, traffic performance, and building a unique online voice for clients. After picking up his degree in Pennsylvania and developing a particular set of skills in Washington, DC, Tim leveraged the computer communications background into a stint designing corporate networks and sales management. As clients shifted more of their communications to web and mobile, Tim developed his team at 2nd Floor to bring a full solution of user experience design, branding, media production and software development to provide a partnership-focused digital agency to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations. With clients up and down the eastern seaboard,┬áTim and his family have repeatedly (long story) affirmed Charleston – and its solid creative scene – as home since the late ’90s.

Robin McCoy

Robin McCoy

Art Director

Aside from a brief gaming design role in New York, Robin has been 2nd Floor’s design and art director since 2006. Originally from the Charleston area, and then off to Savannah where graduated from SCAD, Robin has worked on many local and national projects, including the Charleston Digital Corridor, Adidas, Google, and a process illustration for a state-of-the-art toilet. With a design approach focused on simplicity, the user experience and modern layouts, he is often involved in designs that solve complex web and software interfaces. Robin enjoys designing for the web, online software, as well as gaming applications. Off time includes occasional soccer games, a good beer, and enjoying a lifetime of collected music.

Mahlon Yeager

Mahlon Yeager

Media Director

Mahlon comes to us from the jungle (LA), routed through PA, then south to Charleston. He is our seasoned media director, who oversees the scripting, setup, shoots and editing for our client’s photography video, and still motion visual creations. Whether is a product shoot, staff photography, or a process marketing video, Mahlon has the eye, talent and gear to deliver the high end production value without the jaw dropping rates. He also possesses an exciting pedigree. Mahlon was the photographer behind the Cosmo-like “Blush” cover shots for the NBC TV show “Just Shoot Me” back in the day, and has also worked with folks like Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman. We verified this to be true. Now he works with us.

Patrick Halton

Web/Software Developer

Patrick is the anchor when it comes to web and software projects, and brings the strategy, creative and functions to life. Originally from NYC, Patrick earned his bachelor’s degree from Full Sail University, specializing in digital design and development. His experience includes designing and developing educational, student development and management software, as well as user experience programming for eCommerce and marketing-based websites. A unique developer with a detailed eye for good design, pleasing aesthetics and sensible usability is what you get when Patrick is involved. Quiet, focused and new to the team, we still don’t know much about Patrick’s downtime other than he likes New York and some team called the Jets.