Why 2nd Floor?

From the getgo, the passions in our journey as marketing and web strategists are tied to community branding and localized economic development. One of our early experiences involved marketing the upper floors of renovated neighborhood buildings to help grow small businesses, create higher wage local workforce opportunities, and reduce new build spawl. The ground floors quickly became hot spots for restaurants, coffee shops and other retail businesses, but the second and third floors brought unique challenges. This is were we came in.

We worked closely with city visionaries to develop iconic neighborhood brands and web features to connect small, community-centric organizations, workers, and incentives with underutilized second and third floor office spaces. Once the second floors started to fill, others joined in to help the local economy to flourish—hence our company name was born.

Brand Identity

Create the right attitude. How does your brand enter the room? Loud or professionally confident? Fun or all business? Let’s get it right, it’s that important.

User Experience

All things online work together, but this one is the kicker. What a user experiences when interacting with your brand and online channels is where the decisions are made.

Online Strategy

You can communicate your value here. We help you get the correct voice and volume on the web, mobile, social and enews campaigns.

Web + Mobile Design

Mobile rules the show now. Less is more. Simple makes the experience enjoyable. We help you do the hard part of thinning the irrelevant, and making each pixel meaningful.

Photo + Video

One way to simplify but tell an even more powerful story is through well done photograpy and video around your branding and offerings. Let’s convert all those lengthy paragraphs to powerful brand visuals.

Marketing Measurements

This is where we do the ole put the money where our mouth is. All of this other stuff doesn’t mean anything without results you can quantify. We measure, iterate and make it happen.

Mom always said, “if you can’t say anything nice, use Twitter”



We’ve been doing this since aught six

Tim Latsbaugh

Tim Latsbaugh

Founder / Brand Strategy

Robin McCoy

Robin McCoy

Creative Director

Mahlon Yeager

Mahlon Yeager



Todd Craig

Web/eCommerce Programming

Kim Baker

Content Support

Karen Latsbaugh

Business Development

our Work

A collection of print and digital branding items, including logo, styles guides, software user interfaces, website designs, mobile applications, merchandize and packaging design, and a few of those small touches that make the user experience memorable.

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