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Our Story

Our name comes from our past experience in developing economic development websites and marketing strategies to help connect upper floor spaces of renovated downtown buildings with small businesses, residents, investors and job opportunities that helped to transform blighted neighborhoods.

When we decided to start out on our own, we wanted a name that represented the need to identify and speak to the right audience that brings success to an organization or economic development effort. We felt that keying on the second and third floors is what finally triggered the overall success to the businesses on the first floors, and thus anchoring the turnarounds.

Now, we work on projects to help identify those key areas that can bring the greater level of success for our clients, often through an enhanced branding campaign, website and social media content, and targeted enewsletters that drive action.

Tim Latsbaugh

Founder/Strategy Director

hitting the road

Robin McCoy

UI/UX Designer

alumni at SCAD sculpture gallery

Patrick Halton

UI/UX Developer

thinking about Jets draft picks

Mahlon Yeager

Imagery/Video Director

mastering the gear

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