Recently wrapped a CD Digipak design for Steven Szady,  a great musician (and friend). He worked hard on the music and mixing, we handled the branding and packaging. As his music was going through final production in LA, Steven came to us with a name and desired style to present his work to the masses.

Steven lives in Pennsylvania close to Caledonia, a beautiful expanse of forest that has special meaning to many who grew up visiting the trails, streams and mountains of this state park. Hence the name CALEDONIA was established for the body of work. Next, with the help of photographer Daryl Bughman, we styled a photograph as the backdrop to the font treatment for the front cover. The interior panels spoke to Steven, his circle of talent who contributed to his work, and his message.

Another  is Steven is donating all proceeds go to Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter (CVAS).

Rock on!