Recently wrapped a CD Digipak design for Steven Szady,  a great musician (and friend). He worked hard on the music and mixing, we handled the branding and packaging. As his music was going through final production in LA, Steven came to us with a name and desired style to present his work to the masses.

Steven lives in Pennsylvania close to Caledonia, a beautiful expanse of forest that has special meaning to many who grew up visiting the trails, streams and mountains of this state park. The name CALEDONIA was decided as the appropriate name for the body of work. Next, with the help of photographer Daryl Bughman, we styled a visually interesting photo of Caledonia as the backdrop to the title’s font treatment for the front cover. The interior panels spoke to Steven’s inner circle of talent who contributed to his work and helped to bring his message to life.
Another is Steven is donating all proceeds go to Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter (CVAS).

Rock on!



Cities & Shovels

The founder of Cities & Shovels, Karen Latsbaugh, started out years ago as an assistant director of the Charleston Area Children’s Garden project. This involved repurposing vacant lots throughout the city of Charleston into community gardens focused on engaging kids throughout the neighborhoods to explore and learn about gardens, growing produce, and making good food choices. Eventually Karen became a classroom teacher with the hopes of eventually teaching in an outdoor environment. She recently made that happen by forming Cities & Shovels to provide outdoor classes at schools, community organizations and personal residences throughout the Lowcountry.

Through her programs and projects, she gets to witness the strong connections that her students and families make to the process of gardening, getting outdoors, and learning what nature provides.




Louie’s Kids

We’re always happy to be supporting Louie’s Kids as they continue to help more families and kids connect with a healthier, active lifestyle. One of our favorite components of their various programs are the family workouts and how the workouts are are tied to reaching the goal of participating in local races. The Louie’s Kids Race Club is now gearing up for the race of all local races, the Cooper River Bridge Run on April 1st.

Families can participate in Louie’s Kids workouts on Monday and Wednesday evening, at Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park under the Ravenel Bridge.

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A New Leaf

We worked with one of our long-standing clients to redesign a website that presents their services and projects in a style that matches their professional, dedicated and fun commitment to getting the job done. Cumberland Valley Tree Service and Landscape is made up of a great team of certified arborists, landscape architects and plant health care practitioners who really are the best at what they do. Mediocrity is not in their vocabulary, and it shows in the care and passion they put into their work. They’re clients of ours, and we’re now clients of theirs’. This type of thing happens often when we get involved those organizations who love what they do!

Downtown Chambersburg

Downtown Chambersburg worked with 2nd Floor Co. to develop a new logo, and strong icon to create a recognizable brand for this growing and revitalizing downtown.