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Recently wrapped a CD Digipak design for Steven Szady,  a great musician (and friend). He worked hard on the music and mixing, we handled the branding and packaging. As his music was going through final production in LA, Steven came to us with a name and desired style...

Cities & Shovels

The founder of Cities & Shovels, Karen Latsbaugh, started out years ago as an assistant director of the Charleston Area Children’s Garden project. This involved repurposing vacant lots throughout the city of Charleston into community gardens focused on...

Louie’s Kids

We’re always happy to be supporting Louie’s Kids as they continue to help more families and kids connect with a healthier, active lifestyle. One of our favorite components of their various programs are the family workouts and how the workouts are are tied...

A New Leaf

We recently celebrated the collaboration and launch of a new website for a great team of certified arborists, landscape architects and plant health care practitioners who really are the best at what they do.

Downtown Chambersburg

Downtown Chambersburg worked with 2nd Floor Co. to develop a new logo, and strong icon to create a recognizable brand for this growing and revitalizing downtown.