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Have you ever been hungry enough to eat a gas station sandwich?  Today, many modern convenient stores can deliver a quick meal on the fly from a commercial kitchen, better ingredients, and people dedicated to making a quality sandwich, so I realize this can be a dated question.

Years ago, things were a little different. A gas station was focused on selling gas and repairs, and only slightly interested in making a few extra bucks when someone came into pay for the auto needs. I mean, you’re there, they have cooler space, you might be hungry, so why not? Cheap, convenient, and at times adventurous. Who made it? Who cares?

In any industry, there is always a spectrum of people who do care about the quality of work and have the training, and who compete with those who are in it for the “I can make a buck here”. In some industries, these differences can be apparent upfront, while other industries can hide the gulf in quality for a period of time. In the branding and web industry it can be more apparent than not. However, it comes to a point when your brand – and everything you work hard for – is best represented by people who are┬átrained to “fix the car” and not those who want to sell you a gas station sandwich.