Masters of Metal

Allied Machinery is a global leader in metal casting, machining, engineering and inventory distribution locations all over the world. As Allied Machinery continues to grow in the US market, they came to 2nd Floor Co. to update their branding, presentation materials and website look and content.

Working from existing content, and a dated but entrenched logo, 2nd Floor Co. first redesigned the logo to give it a more modern icon treatment and sturdier font that conveys the strength and stability of Allied Machinery’s approach and delivery model. From their, 2nd Floor designed a customized powerpoint template that included graphics that quickly delivers the company’s story relating to its’ unique full service model, growth chart, and presence in the global marketplace.

Finally, we leveraged the new look, illustrations and content be designing an interactive website that supports Allied Machinery’s sales and service efforts, and helps to guide new visitors through the various





  • Branding
  • Updated Logo
  • Marketing Brochure
  • Product and Company Illustrations
  • Biz Cards
  • Website with CMS


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