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Snapchat isn’t just for kids. Though it is often characterized as a secretive app that allows kids to share quick, disappearing content just outside of the watchful eye of parents, Snapchat is becoming a tool for brands to tell succinct, catchy stories about their products, services, clients and more.

At first the basic premise of Snapchat seems a little strange. You post something to a friend or a group, and it disappears forever (maybe) after a few seconds. The moment is gone after the communication is consumed. But, that is the inherent beauty of Snapchat. It is about that moment, similar to the way we actually communicate with people outside of apps and emails.

With that said, there are additional functions within Snapchat that allow you to leverage the Snapchat marketplace beyond the vanishing snaps to close friends. For instance, Snapchat Stories allow you to create more scripted snippets tied to your brand, which can be viewed repeatedly over 24 hours after they’re initially viewed.

There is a great article that digs deeper into the basics and benefits of Snapchat posted here on Medium. If you’re new to Snapchat, this read helps to spotlight the value of using Snapchat in your digital marketing mix.

Happy snapping!